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General X-RAY

We are committed to being a leading healthcare provider with an emphasis on excellent patient care.

What is an X-ray?

X-ray is a radiographic imaging method that uses high-energy radiation to create a two-dimensional image of the body’s structure. It allows high-energy particles to penetrate different parts of the body and shows different shades of grey depending on the density of the tissue. Since different tissues absorb different amounts of radiation, specialists are able to make diagnoses in different anatomical structures. For example, the bone is made of high density calcium and absorbs X-rays best, so the bone appears white. Fat and other soft tissues absorb less, so they look grey. Air absorbs the least, so the lungs look black.

With the development of computer technology, digital radiography transfers images electronically, making the production of diagnostic images more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. Digital X-ray equipment not only provides superior image quality for doctors to make an accurate diagnosis but also provides a much lower radiation dose to the patient. Compared to older technologies, you can get a more accurate diagnosis in a much faster time without experiencing too much undesirable radiation exposure from the X-ray beam.

Using state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment, Roselea Imaging Services aims to provide the best care for each client, achieving superior image quality with low radiation dose.

Before an X-ray:

No special preparation or appointment is necessary for an x-ray. 

A referral letter from a GP or specialist doctor is needed for the x-ray examination to be carried out. The referral form can be either a hardcopy or electronic. Roselea Imaging Services accepts all referral forms but if in doubt, please check with your referring doctor.  

For ideal image quality purposes, you may need to remove any metallic items such as watches and jewelry, as well as certain clothing containing printed or metallic items such as zippers, as these will show up on the x-ray and affect the image quality. Any thick clothing may also need to be removed for better imaging results. A single-use gown will be provided.

If you have the possibility of pregnancy, please inform the radiographer before the procedure begins, as radiation may affect fetal development.

If you have had any previous x-rays related to your upcoming procedure, we recommend that you bring the report or images with you to assist us in understanding your condition better. 

During the X-ray:

You may be required to fill out some safety and medical history paperwork before we can commence your test. The radiographer will then take you to the examination room and explain the procedure to you. Depending on the body part being examined, you will be asked to stand, sit or lie down for the x-ray. Different positions are required to obtain the best view of the body part. It is important that you remain as still as possible when instructed to do so by the radiographer to obtain the best image quality, as any movement may affect the image results.

An x-ray exam usually takes 5 to 10 minutes per area of the body. Additional images may be obtained to provide significant details for our radiologist to make diagnoses. 

With the addition of computer technology, digital radiography has advanced radiography by reducing the radiation dose required for the same image quality, shortening the time it takes to acquire, process, and transmit images between the detector, post-processor, and the radiologist’s computer, and facilitating workflow in order to provide the best quality of care to the customer.

After an X-ray:

You will be able to resume your normal activities immediately. Our radiologist will receive the x-ray images and report them immediately after the procedure. The report and x-ray images will be sent electronically to your referring doctor as soon as possible. You can then discuss the results with your doctor.


Modern technology and friendly staff will deliver the most reliable service in the region.

Special Announcement

BULK BILLING for all X-ray and Ultrasound examinations for Medicare cardholders